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Brouns and Co

Brouns and Co

Highfield Selby Road, Leeds, LS25 2AG, Uk



Telephone: 01423 500 694

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Brouns are a UK manufacturer of natural linseed paint with a range of historically accurate colours.

Brouns & Co natural linseed paint is made from all-natural ingredients, with no plastics or VOCs. It's made in the traditional way, by grinding powder pigments into boiled linseed oil to make a paste using triple-roller mills, then adding more oil until the correct consistency is reached. Absolutely nothing else is added to Brouns & Co's exterior paint, and only a very minimal drying agent is added to the interior version.

Linseed oil paint protects against all weathers. Once it has been painted, wood won't rot and iron won't rust. It has fantastic wicking properties, enabling the evaporation of moisture, instead of trapping it under an impermeable film.